Frédéric Blanc

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Head of the “Centre Mémoire de Ressources et de Recherche” (CMRR) of the University Hospital of Strasbourg (including the geriatric day hospital and the neuropsychology unit), Frederic Blanc is member of the ICube laboratory (University of Strasbourg and CNRS), team IMIS-Neurocrypto, and of the Geriatrics department of the University Hospital of Strasbourg.

Neurologist, he is a specialist of neuropsychological and neurological diseases such as dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer's disease, neuromyelitis optica and Lyme neuroborreliosis.

Qualification: MD in Neurology, PhD in Neurosciences, Authorization to direct PhD student research (Habilitation à diriger des recherches = HdR).

His current research interests include:

  • Biomarkers of dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer's disease using brain MRI, PET, CSF and blood, particularly at the early stages.
  • Neural basis of cognition and behaviour in cognitive neurological diseases, using MRI and PET.